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Leather cases for Nokia Lumia 920

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A new light for Nokia

When we think about the smartphone market, Nokia is rarely the brand that pops into people’s mind first. Yet, it is a historical actor on the mobile and telecommunications field. Through its latest phone – the Lumia 920 – Nokia is probably sending a message to its competitors and smartphone users that their brand is not to be ruled out yet. This results in a Nokia phone that works perfectly: latest cloud technology, available NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, a1280 x 768 high screen definition. A technological success from a company that probably needed a new boost.

Combining style and technology

The appreciable advantage that it has compared to its rivals however is not necessarily technological. The Lumia 920 also stands out of the lot through its very flashy and vivid colors. It has serious assets to turn around more than one head! As such, a leather case for Nokia Lumia 920 is a perfect fit.

The French brand Issentiel is commited to designing and manufacturing quality smartphone cases, made from authentic leather. Other than quality, Issentiel is also composed of ambitious and talented designers and craftsmen (all of the products are handcrafted) to give birth to elegant and cosy collections. For the Lumia 920, we invite you to discover our ultra slim collection, which further compliments the graceful curves of the mobile phone.

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